MfunGames is a new but experienced international mobile games publisher. In order to bring greater gaming experience for all players, we focus on well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences. Right from the start, MfunGames has set its sights on the global market. Our strategic direction and plans have always focused on achieving its goal of becoming a global leader in the game industry. MfunGames has Asia’s top technical talents and operation group with rich experiences, and a wealth of marketing resources making MfunGames be able to walk in and continue to enhance the development in this area. 



Game Publishing

MfunGames aims to publish only the best games possible, and establishes a gaming andentertainment community to spread happiness. MfunGames publishes in 20countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, France, Germany,Spain, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Game Developing

With superior IP channels, a first class art design team, MfunGames is set to continue working diligently and innovating our way into co-developing heavy mobile MMORPGs and casual IP mobile games loved by players around the world, particularly in our key markets of North America and South East Asia.